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The web is constantly evolving, Joomla constantly updating, but hackers are still trying to find exploits to gain access to your site!

Open Source? 
Being an open-source project, the Joomla CMS tends to be subject to hackers trying to find and exploit vulnerabilities in Joomla core files, as well as many extensions developed by third-party developers. 
Still safe 
Not to worry though, Joomla developers are very quick to find and stop those Joomla core exploits and release regular Joomla updates. Most quality, third-party developers also keep their extensions up-to-date with regular updates.

Un-monitored, un-maintained websites are potentially dangerous

Do you mean I have to maintain my website? 
I've seen it time and again - so many website owners believe that they can put up a website and never have to do anything with it. Their site becomes neglected - sometimes months or even years have passed without even so much as a thought towards their website. Then the call comes in that someone can't access their website, upon investigation, hackers have taken over the site and are spreading malware to all of their visitors!

Default Joomla Settings allow easy access for hackers

Many Joomla website owners leave their installation with default settings 
Leaving the administration super user "admin" in place - and without a secret key to protect their administrator page - ultimately leaving their site open to attack. Most hackers know that many Joomla website owners never change their default "admin" super user, so they run brute force attacks on the vulnerable Joomla website until they gain access. Once in, they can change the super user "admin" username and password, locking the original owner of the site out completely, and allowing them to add any content they want.

Be proactive with website maintenance

Regular site maintenance is key! 
Maintenance is more than just adding new content to your website to keep it fresh. Maintenance is having a good maintenance plan - and security package - in place for your Joomla website. It can potentially save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, trying to have an un-maintained, unprotected website repaired, not to mention the hundreds of hours lost to your website being down. Paying a nominal monthly fee to have a good security system in place, as well as bi-monthly site checkups, Joomla core updates, and extension updates is money in your pocket down the road, and instant peace of mind knowing that your site is being looked after and maintained for you.

Start securing your Joomla website now!

Joomla Website Security
We offer a Joomla Security Plan for $250.00* - $100 for the first year subscription, plus a $150 setup fee for first-time users. This includes the first-year subscription to the plan, installation, setup, and configuration of the extension - the second year is billed at the end of the first year, renewing annually at $100.00* per year. I highly recommend this package for every Joomla website. Even if you don't get a maintenance package, at the very least, get this security package!
* price subject to change without notice. 
This package includes the following paid, and free, security extensions for Joomla:
  1. Security Check Pro (subscription)
  2. Security Check Pro Definitions Database updates (subscription)
  3. Security Check AntiSpam (subscription)
  4. Security Check Pro Web Application Firewall (subscription)
  5. Akeeba Backup Pro
  6. ACL Manager
  7. Does not cover hacked website cleanup, and/or other website additions/changes - see below

What the Maintenance Packages and Security Plans Don't Cover

Maintenance doesn't cover everything 
There are some things that our maintenance packages and/or security plan doesn't cover, and they are billed at regular hourly rates (minimum 1/2 hour charge, 15-minute blocks thereafter). Here is a list of those things:
  1. Joomla Major Version upgrades - for example, upgrading from Joomla 3.x to Joomla 4.x - this is a major version upgrade and is a big, time-consuming job that can take up to 8-10 hours to complete and is not included in monthly maintenance packages - standard hourly rate of $100 per hour applies
  2. Content additions, changes, updates, and modifications - $100 per hour
  3. New template installations and configurations - $100 per hour
  4. Joomla extension installations and configurations - $150 flat rate
  5. Hacked websites, malware, or malicious code injection clean up/removal/repair - $150 per hour
  6. * Emergency rate of $200 per hour applies for recovering, repairing, restoring, and/or cleaning hacked websites, and emergency work that is required to be done on weekends