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Keys To a Secure Joomla Website...
Protecting your website is essential to your online business availability and operations.
Most of the Joomla websites that are hacked are mostly due to misconfiguration, weak passwords and/or vulnerable code. The following practices will help to boost the Joomla security.
  • Use secret key to login into Joomla Admin
    Using a secret key hides your admin backend from potential hackers and allows those that have the secret URL to access the admin area. Using login protection means whenever you need to access your admin area you need to enter the secret key.
    Default Administrator login page
    Protected Administrator login page
  • Secure Administrator login with Strong password
    Don’t leave default administrator account as “admin” and use a weak password; this is probably the biggest risk in Joomla. By keeping default “admin” and guessable password, you are helping Hackers "brute force" their way into your website.
    Default admin username Weak admin password
    Change admin username Strong admin password
  • Use the latest version of Joomla
    Many Joomla website owners don’t know they need upgrade to the latest version of Joomla - with almost every release of Joomla you will notice some security fixes. Neglecting to upgrade your Joomla site to the latest version leaves your website vulnerable.
    Updates have not been installed
    Updates checked and installed regularly
  • Use the latest version of Joomla Extensions
    Review the vulnerable extension list provided by Joomla and update any of the outdated extensions. Most extension updates fix security issues, and various other bug fixes. Always update to the latest extension version as soon as it's available.
    Updates have not been installed
    Updates checked and installed regularly
  • Enable Search Engine Friendly (SEF) Mode in Joomla
    SEF make the URLs of your Joomla website more Search Engine Friendly. And good SEF also gives a security benefit. SEF masks certain website structure information and makes it harder for a hacker to find eventual security vulnerabilities.
    Identifies file system to hackers
    Helps hide file system from hackers
  • Schedule Routine Regular Maintenance Checkups
    Login to your website once a week - at the very least every 2 weeks - check for, and install, Joomla Core updates, Joomla extension updates. Being proactive in the maintenance of your website will save you grief, and money down the road.
    Fail to do weekly update checks
    You do regular weekly update checks

The Shibumi Seven


Koko emphasizes restraint, exclusion, and omission. The goal is to present something that both appears spare and imparts a sense of focus and clarity.


Kanso dictates that beauty and utility need not be overstated, overly decorative, or fanciful. The overall effect is fresh, clean, and neat. Simple is better! Less is more!


The goal of shizen is to strike a balance between being "of nature" yet distinct from it -- to be viewed as being without pretense or artifice, while seeming intentional rather than accidental or haphazard.


The Zen view, simply put, is that you want to evoke the power of suggestion; leave something to the imagination of your viewer.


fukinsei(imperfection, asymmetry)
The goal of fukinsei is to convey the symmetry of the natural world through clearly asymmetrical and incomplete renderings.


seijaku(stillness, tranquility, solitude)
The principle of seijaku emphasizes the fundamental Zen theme of emptiness, which implies an inexhaustible spirit. It is in states of active calm, tranquility, solitude, and quietude that we find the very essence of creative energy.


datsuzoku(break from routine)
Closely related to seijaku is the principle of datsuzoku, which signifies a break from daily routine or habit, a certain freedom from the commonplace.

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