Services - Maintain
Twice Monthly Joomla Website Maintenance

2 year term

  • 40%
    off Reg
  • Gold
  • $720
  • 2 Year
  • Save $480 off the regular monthly price with our Gold Level Joomla Maintenance package - includes the following:
  • 2 Year term at $30 per month
  • Install Joomla Updates
  • Install Extension Updates
  • Optimize Asset Table
  • Check Security Logs/Issues
  • Database Optimization
  • Done twice monthly
  • Approx 1 hour per month
  • Content updates/additions
Term: 1 year
Price: $360.00
Duration: 2 Years
Terms: By signing up for this plan, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth: This term plan is for 2 Years and is charged over that term on a yearly basis until that term expires, at which time, you can renew for another term, or switch to a different plan. NOTE: You are purchasing a "TERM" plan, and you are committing to the length of that term. There are no refunds on our Maintenance Plans, cancelling a plan will only end your recurring payments at the end of the term.
Payments: 2
  • You must have a paid and active Security Plan Subscription for Check Security Logs/Issues
  • Our maintenance packages only cover regular site check-ups. Extra work, such as content updates, additions, and/or modifications are not included in the maintenance packages - standard hourly rate applies over and above maintenance packages.