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Datsuzoku (break from routine):
datsuzokuClosely related to seijaku is the principle of datsuzoku, which signifies a break from daily routine or habit, a certain freedom from the commonplace. It involves a feeling of transcending the ordinary and conventional. The result of datsuzoku is pleasant surprise and unexpected amazement. Datsuzoku signifies a certain reprieve from convention. When a well-worn pattern is broken, creativity and resourcefulness emerge. Many of us view our bonsai with blinders on: this is the way the tree has always been and how it must always be. Even attempting to envision something different can be a huge challenge. Work to see your tree with "fresh eyes." Re-energize your creativity by taking regular "timeouts", then you will be able to find a creative resolution. If you have trouble with this, ask a trusted friend or attend an artist workshop for help.

An interruptive "break" is an important part of any breakthrough design